Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lauren, Just Resting TTD 5

Even standing by a fire hydrant, trying to take a break, Lauren still looks beautiful.  We asked her to do so many things during the course of this session and she was game for all of them.  I never want to shoot a wedding or even do bridal portraits but it was fun to pose Lauren all over the alleys of Galveston --- she is beautiful and sweet!


  1. Indeed she does look beautiful! And the casual pose, the dangling bouquet, and the fire hydrant provide interesting contrast to her formal dress and hairdo.

    This shot captures an authentic human moment, where the bride seems to be saying, "OK, I'm game for all this wedding business, but can we just get on with it?"

    Very nice work.

  2. Sounds like there was a good time for all. Some very good pictures were shot.

  3. I like the background and her relaxed pose. She seems comfortable with the whole idea of what you are trying to do with the theme.

    The fire hydrant gives the photo a dynamic color to offset the neutrals in the shot.

  4. Stunning photo Cindi! Great pose, composition, lighting, everything!

    Well done!

  5. A good looking girl, a relaxed pose, a simple background, nice even lighting and a splash of red for some spice and what do you get? A really nice portrait.