Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby L

Another shot from my second baby session, this time with her sitting in a "Bumpo" for support.  She is only 4 months old in this photograph, taken in June, so she was not old enough to sit up on her own.  Even with a serious expression, she is just adorable to me. 
I set up a white background near a large window that was on camera left and also used some white foam core hinged together and placed opposite the window for some fill light.  The textures are from Flora Bella Textures.
Nikon D200, 50mm 1.8 at f2.5 and 1/125, at ISO 200


  1. I go straight to those beautiful blue eyes in this one. I love the lighting, it's perfect. The texture fits well with the shot. My only nit is the dress frills coming into her face. They lead you into her eyes but also distract me. I think if they had been curled back some it would have framed her face better. Nice job!

  2. Cindi,

    The eyes grab me right off. And I love the soft light, the pink and green color combination, and that texture.

    I was about to nitpick the multiple catch lights, until I noticed you shot this in available light.

    In a perfect world, this is what babies ought to look like!

    PS: When is Doug going to start a blog so we can pick nits in his images? :-)

  3. Doug has a blog now Charlie...go for it! All you had to do was click on my name above to get there.

  4. No nitpicking from me! This is a beautiful shot Cindi! I'm sure the baby's mom is more than thrilled!

    Well done!