Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lauren and Trash the Dress 1

When we first got to this alley we struggled trying to light Lauren in a concrete box with some plumbing, to the right of this doorway.  We had stopped here just for that fantastic red door but at that time the sun was hitting it directly so we started with the box and spent quite a bit of time there trying to get good light on her without harsh shadows being thrown directly behind her.  I may post one of those another day. Later the sun was only hitting the small patch of grass here where Lauren is standing and I think she is lit with the small soft box directly across from her on the other wall as well as the juice-Fong aimed at her face from camera right.  If that isn't correct, Mike,Steve or Shirley can correct me.  Unusual for me, I shot with a smaller aperture to get the texture in the door and wall to show the contrast between her smooth skin and the satin dress and the rough, weathered door and wall.  At this distance the texture is not really noticeable...
Nikon D200, 50mm 1.8 lens at f5.0 and 1/60th, ISO 200


  1. Wow! I love this exposure. Light is perfect on her face and dress. I love the color of the background. I guess if you had wanted more detail in the background wall you could have added just a touch of fill behind her. That may have removed the slight shadow on the wall to her left, which you may have wanted to keep in the picture.

    Nice job.

  2. You could not take a better "bridal portrait." The lighting her is outstanding, her pose is very natural looking and her expression is great.

  3. I agree with Doug and Patrick! Really nice work Cindi!