Monday, August 3, 2009

Sonny and Cher

"I got you babe" is what these two must be singing. It was just about a year ago I photographed these hatchlings and this is one image I had not posted. The nest remains in my hibiscus bush and I saw a female cardinal actually in it not long ago, but she did not lay any eggs and I have not seen her return.
Post processing: Used the whitebalance tool in ACR and increased blacks, in Photoshop cloned away hot spots on branches, hue/sat layer to reduce reds, Touch of Light on birds, Touch of Dark on nest, Levels for global brightness, sharpened with the Edge, Edge Downer by Kubota to darken edges. I did not increase saturation but can see the green leaves look unnatural, the morning sun was shining through them so that is the only cause I can think of.


  1. I tried to magnify the bird's eye enough for me to see the camera but it was too blurred to tell. Bird lovers should love the shot.

  2. Good title. I bet the only time that these two were quite was when mom or dad was poking something down their mouths. To me this shot is interesting because I see something happening.

    Good work.