Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kuchengarten, Amsterdam

A short while after we got off the plane in Amsterdam, our friend Scott took us to the world-famous Kuchengarten to see the incredible flower displays. It was truly a sight to behold, especially in the spring. What is so amazing about these images is that the place was crawling with hundreds of tourists yet I was able to compose quite a few shots without any people present, and no, I did not Photoshop them out. Once again, the jpg quality that I used does not show a lot of the detail in the images, but I think the vibrant colors do come across as true to life. It was almost too much after even a short time there!


  1. Kuchengarten is indeed a place that you cannot really describe to anyone--after all, how could anyone describe a garden that has over 3 million bulbs planted in it. All of the shots have very strong compositions that allow you to move easily within the image. How you got all the shots without people everywhere is beyond me. Some day get me to tell you about my visit to Kuchengarten

  2. Almost everyone enjoys the gardens. You did indeed get the color of the flowers. You did a fine job on these travel images.

  3. Cindy, these four travel shots are all post-card gorgeous. Well done.