Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another good learning experience

I had the opportunity to photograph another child, this time 3 year old "J". I learned more about how I need to approach photographing kids who do not know me and what I should discuss with the parents before-hand. She is a very cute little girl who has strong opinions about what she wants to do or, as was usually the case this day, not do! We were having a great time towards the end but the environment was not the best for how I like to shoot, so I may have more opportunities to try again in other places. It was a great learning experience and I think this is my favorite shot from the day, even if she is rather serious. I know exactly how she feels to have that black box pointed right at you!

Nikon D200, 50mm lens at f1.8

Post processing: increased exposure and blacks in ACR, in PS cloned away umbrella strap, lightened undereye circles with the clone tool in lighten mode at low opacity, Touch of Light action on her face, Bring on the Eyes action, Curves layer in luminosity to brighten child only, CreamSickle action at 25% opacity, sharpened with the highpass filter


  1. This is wonderful Cindi! I love her serioius expression and the pose with the umbrella. Great job with the lighting as well! If I had taken this shot I would be very pleased with myself! :-)


  2. I like everything about the shot but the background. I can't make up my mind whether it's the color, the horizontal line at the bottom of the fenceline, or if I'd just like it less recognizable. Maybe someone else will comment.

  3. You have done well. Children are difficult! Good, natural pictures of my grandchild are difficult. They move so fast unless they want to pose. I sometime just put my camera in fully automatic JPEG mode and click, hoping that a few will be good.

  4. Solid portrait. I really like that look she is giving you--it's a "can we get this over with" look. I seem to get this a lot with Cole and Chloe.