Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fussein Lake, Germany

Before I started learning about how to take good landscape images, I always thought a bright blue sky was that I am a little farther down the road on my photographic journey I know that clouds make a sky much more interesting. I could take a stab at adding them with some cloud brushes in Photoshop, which thanks to my friend and mentor I do have, but decided to be real for this post! I was so happy to finally get a chance to do some shooting on our April 2007 trip to Germany after several days of flying down the Autobahn at rather high speeds. Our American friend who married a German girl and lives there now took us to Fussein to visit a castle and on the way we passed this idyllic scene. I was still shooting in jpg then.

Camera: Nikon D70, 18 - 70mm lens at f22, 1/60th, ISO 200, in jpg
Post processing: Levels adjustment layer to set black and white points, Curves for Contrast, a Selective Color layer to add cyan but reduced the opacity, Touch of light on trees, Boost action by Pioneer Woman at 40% opacity, sharpened with the High Pass filter.


  1. I like well done landscapes, whcih this one is. Nice composition and exposure. It seems so serene. The cloudless sky would get you busted on Honors night but not here. It doesn't bother me in the least. I really like this one.


  2. Features that I like about this image are:
    -The reflections of the mountains and trees.
    -Grasses in the foregound.
    -The colors have not been intensified to point of being unrealistic.
    Near shore is near 1/3 line.
    Far shore is not in center.
    So, there is a lot to like about the picture!

  3. Great beautiful landscape Cindi!

    There is so much to look at in this shot that you absolutely do not need the addition of clouds in the sky to make it work. It's terrific as is!

    Well done!

  4. Very peaceful scene. I might consider cropping just above the mountain tops--not sure that the plain blue sky adds much to the overall image. The green and blue color combinations is one of my favorites.

    Good job.