Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Black and white

Although I like the earth tones of yesterday's succulent, I also like the way a monotone version emphasizes the form and shape of the leaves.
Post processing: Increased exposure and blacks in ACR, in Photoshop cloned out spots, levels for global brightness, ran Kubota's Black and White Full Moon and finally Kubota Ancient but lowered the opacity to 2o%.


  1. I think you are right--the B&W brings out the form of the plant much better than the color one. Again, good use of depth of field, the square crop and the balance within your composition.

  2. I like yesterday's and today's posts a lot Cindi! I like the same things you like about each of them. If pressed to pick a favorite of the two I would probably have to go with the black and white flower but it would be a very close call!

    Well done!

  3. Okay, I didn't comment on yesterday's version. I like the B&W version, mostly due to the fact that you changed the viewpoint to looking down on the plant. The other version just didn't have the same impact, at least to my eyes. Good job on working your subject to get the most out of it.

  4. The placement of center is good. And the edges of the leaves are clearly defined. You filled the frame and the viewer can even find the pot in the background if he looks.