Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blue Bayou 2

Looking back in my file from this day, this shot was 20 frames before the one I posted yesterday so the heron posed for us for quite a while. This time I processed it differently, and of course left the motion blur as the heron landed.

same camera settings as yesterday
Post processing: increased exposure, blacks and vibrance in ACR, in Photoshop added a Curves layer for contrast, sharpened with the Edge, then ran Fresh and Colorful action by the Pioneer Woman and Dragon Old World Color by Kubota


  1. This is a nice photo, but, I just do not think it can compete with yesterday's image. Sorry.

    I do like the lightness of the image. It seems to fit the scene very well.

  2. Yesterday's image was the best one. I had forgotten that the picture was yours. Saturday's image is one that you should submit at events outside of the photo club. It is very, very good.

  3. Got to be different I quess. I like the cool blue processing of this subtle image. The splash of action adds just the right ammount of heat. Good job on both of course.

  4. Yesterday's shot and today's are both terrific shots Cindi! If I were going to buy only one of them I would have to do a lot of hand wringing before I made my decision. Yesterday's post looks beautiful in a film kind of way while today's shows some digital processing creativity. I'm leaning toward today's post as my favorite of the two!

    Well done!

  5. If we're voting with 0's and 1's, I go with the first post. It just feels natural to me, and is something I would see during my photo trips.