Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sowle Sister

This girl had great expressions as she worked the walls with her board. For being so young she was pretty daring with her moves and I was impressed! I could have cropped in on this image but I wanted the viewer to see a little of the shape and depth of the bowl she was skating in. The clouds had covered the sun for a minute here as was happening on and off that morning.

Camera info: Nikon D200, 70 - 200 mm 2.8 VR lens, f4.5 at 1/640th, ISO 100, cloudy white balance
Post processing: cloned out a few dark spots in the concrete, ran PunchDrunk by Kubota but masked it from her face, ran The Edge and PopSickle (changed blending mode from hardlight to softlight) to sharpen and bring out details but again, masked off of her face, levels for global brightness, then Touch of Light action to lighten just her face a little.


  1. With PunchDrunk, The Edge and PopSickle, I am not sure whether I am looking a photo taken by Cindi or one by Barry or Steve. Don't know what any of those plug-ins do, but I do like the result.

    I like her dynamic pose and the very effective use of negative space. Good job.

  2. For someone who said these were hard to get in that you had to guess when they would appear and reappear at the top edge, you did a great job on this series of photos!!

  3. Did you consider distorting or warping the image to crop out that wedge of color in the top left? I can see where that might make a nice rhyming element for her arm, but on the other hand it might make a more striking image with just her and the monotone skating surface. Just curious?