Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fields of Gold

I thought I would start my blog by posting a Spring image, to go with the current season. This photograph was shot on a trip to Germany in 2007, with my Nikon D70 and the 24- 70 mm kit lens that came with the camera. At the time I had just started shooting with a digital camera and shot in jpg because I did not know how to edit images in Photoshop. We had been speeding down the Autobahn for several days and I finally begged our friend to pull over so I could photograph the incredible fields of yellow flowers. He just happened to stop near these 4 trees, near the village of Bamberg. The rapeseed flowers are used for cooking oil and as a biofuel in Germany and the fields are everywhere. I shot this handheld at 200 ISO, f22 at 1/100, in auto white balance. Very little post processing was done on this image: I removed some dust spots in the sky and did 2 levels adjustment layers to get more detail in the trees and the sky.


  1. Great shot Cindi!

    I really like the colors and your composition on this one!

    Well done!

  2. Blue and yellow are two of my favorite color combinations, probably because they represent the extreme of the warm/cool spectrum of colors. Good composition--simple and to the point--you have let the flowers, trees and sky carry the image.

    I could see you cropping this image in six different ways and getting significantly different looks.

    I also like the color combinations you chose for your blog.

    Great first post!

  3. Yes, welcome to the blogosphere. Great shot -- one of my favorites of yours. Love the color combination and detail.

  4. Thanks Barry! I think you commented before I really had things up and running. It is still a work in progress and I want to shoot a certain image to add to the Blog title box. Thanks again for your excellent help in getting me started.

    And thank you too, Larry and Steve. It will not be easy to match you two but I will do my best.

  5. I'm blessed! You are the only one of all these boys to put me on your list of blogs to follow!! Thanks!

    This was such an exciting photo for me as your first submission as rape seed is the "big ticket item" in biofuels! I'm going to ask Momentum Biofuels to buy this fine art photo for their office! I have seen this in person and it's spectacular!

  6. Cindi, congratulations on starting your blog. I'm sure it will be an exciting time for you.

    I like this shot for many reasons but I'll stick with three. I love landscapes, period. I love the blue and yellow, and how they work together so well. I like the trees and how they are isolated within the colors of the photo.


  7. Gorgeous Cindi!