Friday, May 29, 2009

Galveston shutters

Camera info: similar to yesterday's post
Post processing: Top image: cloned out distractions, darkened the white pipes, multiply layer at 23%, levels for brightness, softlight layer at 70%, Curves for contrast, painted with light and dark where needed, Colorbalance layer to reduce blue in the concrete, sharpened with the Edge. Middle image: removed part of a window on the right, softlight layer in 70% opacity, hue/sat layer to reduce the blue in the concrete, curves for contrast, levels for brightness, painted with dark or light on areas that needed it, ran Punch Drunk to intensify the colors, darkened the edges, sharpened with the Edge. Bottom image: Softlight layer at 75% multiply at 70%, levels for brightness, curves for contrast, merged and ran the highpass filter in softlight, Fudgesickle action for richness, PopSickle in softlight for more detail.


  1. These photos are a great example of how you can take an ordinary scene and make a very successful photo. I also like your very straight forward appraoch--straight on with subject dead centered. It works. Good job!

  2. I like them all but the bottom photo is my favorite. Although your description does make me hungry for some reason! :)

  3. Cindi
    I am so impressed! Your work is awesome!