Thursday, May 14, 2009

Balinese Memories

Another rather strange Honor's Night at the photo club where my images got only good comments but not very good scores. It is hard to know what needs improvement with critiques like that. These piers are all that are left of the Balinese Room after Hurricane Ike destroyed so much of Galveston and this shot was taken about 3 weeks after the storm, a little after dawn. Again, I had a hard time deciding between the color or the black and white version, but something about the starkness of the monotone felt more in line with the bleakness of the scene to me so I went with that.

Camera info: Nikon D200, 18 - 70mm kit lens at 55mm, f18 and 1/125, ISO 200, fine weather white balance
Post processing: cloned white spots floating in the waves, dust spots in the sky, and a ship on the horizon, ran Luminizer from Kubota actions, levels adjustment for global brightening, duplicated the background layer and used multiply blending mode for the sky only, Black and white adjustment layer in High Contrast Red filter, sharpened with smart sharpen and PopSickle from Kubota.

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  1. Not sure which one of these I like better. I do wish there was a little more contrast between the two portions the photo.