Monday, May 11, 2009

The Elissa Bell

It was a great day to be sailing when the four of us had the pleasure to be guests aboard the Elissa as she tacked around Galveston Bay in March. I was trying to get an interesting composition of this bell with as little specular highlights as possible when I saw one of the crew working on the deck behind it and decided to include him in the shot but not in sharp focus so the bell would stand out. For some interesting history on the ship and to see more great pictures check out the blogs from Shirley, Larry Patrick and Steve in their March posts from the list on the right of blogs I visit.
Camera info: Nikon D200, 24 - 70 mm f2.8 lens at 24mm and f2.8 at 1/8000th, ISO 100, cloudy whitebalance
Post processing: 3 separate levels adjustments to brighten the overall image and to bring up detail inside of the bell, sharpened with the Edge from Kubota actions


  1. Nice photo Cindi. I like how the colors in the sailor's shirt and the colors of the bell play off each other. Nice composition.

  2. Well done Cindi!

    I like the composition a lot. The bell in the foreground is terrific and your two subjects line up nicely on a diagonal to make the photo dynamic!


  3. I tried a shot like this one, but the composition was not even close to being as good as this composition. I like your choice of f/2.8--it really provides a nice bokeh for the background. Your composition is so nicely balanced both in terms of position of your subjects and your colors. Really good job.