Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Galveston Cemetery

I finally made it to the Galveston cemetery on Broadway when it was carpeted in yellow flowers. That was something I had heard about but never made it before the flowers were mowed, and it is definitely worth going to see. The flowers are so thick that many of the flat tombstones are completely obscured and the standing ones are often 1/2 way or more covered up. Most of the flowers are Coreopsis, but there are Indian Paintbrush and small white flowers I don't know the name for as well as spiky clusters that look like they may bloom but I think are all the plant produces. In the Galveston owned sections the flowers are allowed to grow until they seed and are then mowed but the Catholic Diocese sections are kept mowed.
Camera info: Nikon D200 with various lenses: Top image 60mm macro at f4 1/750th, middle image Lensbaby Composer with the f4 ring in at 1/400th, bottom image 60mm macro 7.1 at 1/60th, all ISO 100, fineweather whitebalance.
Post process: top image Punch Drunk, The Edge, and Ancient (50% opacity) actions by Kubota, levels for brightness. Middle image cleaned up distractions, the Edge, Punch Drunk, Popsickle (in softlight mode), Krypto Glasses at 50% opacity and finally merged everything and ran the high pass filter but changed the mode to softlight. Bottom image cleaned up pollen and spiderwebs, ran the Edge, Popsickle in softlight mode, Punch Drunk actions

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