Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Flashbus Tour Starring David and Joe

 My head is still spinning trying to contain all the information we were presented with yesterday at David Hobby's and Joe McNally's Flashbus workshopI had attended Joe's workshop here in Houston two years ago and maybe that is why this time I learned more from David Hobby's morning session than Joe's in the afternoon.  Or maybe it is because Joe shoots with his flashes in TTL mode and it can be inconsistent and confusing though he always gets the shot in the end, I am not confident however that I would.   It was certainly an information-packed and entertaining workshop to say the least.  Below are some of my very high ISO (1600 and 3200) shots from the day and let me explain the third one ---- when the crew arrived at the venue in the early morning hours it was set up (rather garishly it seems) for a wedding and they had to scramble to remove all the tulle, satin, tables, flowers, etc.  So they opened a little late with an announcement that as a result of all the togetherness on their rock-group-set-up touring bus, David and Joe were getting married.   Those guys are pretty quick on their feet!

Following are some shots of the large screen they projected their images on, David showed his Lighting in Layers instructions while Joe's were the shot he had just taken with his camera and then I also shot the set up.

 This kid was one of Joe's grips and an excellent model!

 Joe had us hold up our flashes and incorporated them onto this workshop attendee's "rock star" shot --- we had at least 87 flashes fire using the commander flash on Joe's camera.

I can only hope that at least a smidgen of the information we were given all day will stick in my brain and help me make some awesome portraits in the future.

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  1. Nice write-up Cindi. David did have some very informative stuff to share. I always enjoy Joe fighting his way through TTL and what he finally shows to us in the end, after all his hard work.