Monday, April 4, 2011

There's One Day at a Time....

But for me lately it is "One Dog at a Time".  Pendleton is the latest example of that ---- he was impounded at Friendswood Animal Control with horrible infected cuts on his face and back and he stayed that way for several days until he was there long enough to become "city property" and thus we (the volunteers) could have access to him.  He was immediately taken to Dr. Pickle, our hero of a veterinarian, and all the staff fell in love with him too.  Even though he had to be in so much pain, he was a happy friendly guy.  They would not let him go back to animal control and he became their latest rescue.  After some cleaning and antibiotics, neutering, and a little time to heal he went to get his video made by Tom English, another rescuer who has contacts all over the east coast.  He too fell for Pendleton's charm and it was not long before Pendleton was off on the Rescue Transport to Tennessee, to A New Leash On Life rescue there.  In one week he had a new forever home with a family with a 13 year old boy, perfect for Pendleton!

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