Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Different Kind of Newborn

 This is Gabrielle and she is just one or two days old.  
I have been neglecting my blog mostly because I have been busy almost daily shooting photos for homeless animals for posting on Petfinder or recently another round of pet portraits to raise money for my rescue group to get those animals to safety.  This puppy and her very young Rottweiler mother were saved by my vet Susan Pickle at the very last minute before they were both about to be euthanized.  They appear to be full Rottweilers.

And here is her momma who is not harming her by holding her in her mouth.

Her name is Angora, named after Angie who had the mission of going to save her, and the puppy Gabrielle is named after Gabe who helped her ---- I love that!  Two people who I am so glad to know who go to so much effort over and over to help these animals.


  1. DARLING photos as always, my uber-talented sis!

  2. Great photo of puppy in mom's mouth. You can see her gentleness.