Friday, April 9, 2010

Weird Wildflowers

The bulb-shaped flowers (posted on March 24th) have bloomed --- into this!  I cannot find the name of this wildflower anywhere in my searches online.  It grows near the woods along Clear Creek in my subdivision but I also saw the same bulbs, but not blooming yet, in the Marble Falls area this past week.  Never noticed them before.  Kind of a bad-hair-day flower, isn't it? The middle image is a composite of 5 separate shots for more depth of field.


  1. Interesting "flower"! :-)
    You did a great job of eliminating any background distractions on all three shots which really makes the subjects pop!

    Well done!

  2. I agree on excellent control of DOF in all three shots. Looks like something from Aliens the movie!

  3. Danged if I know what those are, but I just saw a bunch of them close to my house today. I don't remember ever seeing them before you posted this shot.

  4. I know! I searched for that flower name by color, by area found, etc and could not find it. Really, how could we have passed those strange looking things in the past and NOT noticed??? Must be aliens.