Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drive By Shooting

Since it would be suicide to stop along this road to our lakehouse with no shoulder, with curves, and with a 55 mph speed limit I decided to shoot the slopes of wildflowers from the car window.  I put my ISO at L 1.0 (on the D700 that makes it 100),  stopped my aperture down to f32 which got my shutter speed down to 1/10th and 1/8th of a second and shot whenever a large patch of flowers went by.  It is addicting! I was surprised the Bluebonnets do not show up as well as the Indian Paintbrush (the orange blurs) and the pink and yellow flowers. I processed these in ACR by adding a little exposure if needed and increasing the blacks, vibrance and saturation slightly, then added a curves layer in normal mode in PS.  
I am wondering if these images would work for the Less is More assignment, or as examples of Minimalism since color is the only element in them.


  1. I can't see why at least one of them wouldn't work for the assignment. Nice job. Looks like you had fun with it.

  2. Great idea and execution Cindi!

    My fav is the top one because the oranges in the second two seem a little overwhelming to me. That said I do like all three a lot!

    I think you may be on to something with the "Less is More" idea. Wish I had thought of it!


  3. Great experiment. I love the colors and how simple the photos are.