Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chelsea's Eye

This was one of my submissions for our Less is More assignment.  I struggled with what is Minimalism in a photograph and decided to try to get down to the basic elements of a subject.  When thinking about a portrait of a person, I thought an eye would be just about the most basic part of a human being and so during a recent model shoot in Galveston I asked one of the girls to let me shoot this image.  Although I did get a Gold award for it, one of the critiques was the hair in the lower left corner drew the viewer's eye away from the main subject of the model's eye.  I knew it was doing that, but when I tried to crop out her hair, her arm looked HUGE.  So, I darkened it, thinking it would balance the image better --- wrong, the hair needed to be lightened. Also, the judge thought maybe it could be blurred. Below is that version, and maybe it needs even more blurring and lightening, but I think it is an improvement.



  1. I love the concept. I do remember you working on this when we shot in Galveston that day. I think I prefer the hair be cropped out entirely. Love the shot.

  2. I think the hair helps define the arm and should stay unless you were going to make the image into a square and only include the eye and a small part of the arm. Great concept for "more is less" and an even better execution.