Thursday, April 29, 2010

It Bloomed!

I am not much of a gardener so I have no idea why this rose bush finally bloomed after being planted 10 years ago.  When Mike's mother passed away, he and his brothers dug some rose bushes from her garden in Ohio.  At the time we didn't really have a place to plant ours in the ground so I potted it.  After several years of not blooming, Mike decided to make a place for it in a flower bed.  While it seemed to grow well, only once did it produce a single bloom and then never did again.   It never had pests, was getting adequate sunlight, fertilizer, etc.   Maybe I pruned it back at the wrong time of the year, usually late winter when I thought it was dormant, and this year I never got around to it.  His brothers' roses have been blooming all along, one is near Austin so it isn't really a climate issue. I thought it was one of those "antique" or "old roses" that pretty much survived on their own. I was so surprised to see about 20 blooms on it this year! 


  1. Love the color contrast and the selective focus. My attention immediately goes to the rose.

  2. Maybe someone is speaking to you....flower power!! :)