Friday, April 23, 2010

Room With a View

We found this old house in Burton Texas, near Brenham, while looking for wildflowers recently.  The view from here was very nice and this little house is literally just one room.  It makes me wonder who lived here, how long ago, and what will happen to it now that a new entrance is going in to the left of this house and it looks like another home will be built nearby.  It would make a nice guest house...or child's play house...or photographer's studio.  It just needs a little remodel.



  1. Nice job documenting a great photographic subject Cindi! My fav is the second shot because of the great light play between the sunny and shady sides of the house. All are good though and all taken together make a really nice set!

    Well done!

  2. Old country homes are fun to shoot.

  3. The front porch looks somewhat like my grandparents house in Devine, TX, before they moved into a more modern one on the same property. It brings back old memories.

  4. My favorite is the second one. I think the angle, the lighting and the background seem to work together better on this one.