Thursday, December 3, 2009

Meet J

J is the son of my sister's friend and he agreed to be my model recently.  He did such a great job!  We met at the park and went on a hike down the nature trail where I learned how to look for moss on the trees so I could find my way out if I ever got lost.  He is very smart and interested in all things science or sport-related, especially soccer and basketball.  It was so nice to get a chance to photograph a child who stayed where I directed him, posed fabulously, and had a great attitude while doing so.  I used a softbox and sometimes another flash with the juice-Fong, and I think both were used here as it was almost 5 pm with the light fading. This was my first shoot with my new D700 with the full frame sensor and I was very surprised to see more depth of field at various apertures than when I use that same lens on my D200 with the smaller sensor.  The reason for this was explained to me, but didn't quite compute so I have to just believe it works that way.
Nikon D700, 70 -200mm VR lens at f4 and 1/320th, ISO 200.


  1. What focal length did you shoot at Cindi? You know the further back you go the more depth of field you get.

    If you have LR you might use a gradient to darken the sky down some. I think it's the one thing that kind of sticks out for me.

  2. This was shot at a focal length of 95mm, at f4. I thought the farther back you went, the LESS depth of field you got...I mean the backgrounds go even more out of focus, right? I have so much trouble understanding that concept. I agree that J doesn't stand out like I had envisioned he would, probably due to his skin tone against the brown bark. I did use a couple of curves layers to darken the sky but I guess it isn't enough. This shot is cropped in because in my original composition I included more of the tree limbs, thinking it led the eyes to his face but didn't like it after uploading. I should have zoomed in more and on other shots I did that. Still learning!

  3. Closer gives you less DOF, further back gets you more DOF.

  4. Good pose and control of your light. The whole scene is great for a boy of his age.