Saturday, September 19, 2009

Variations of the Coneflower

This image is again a composite of 3 separate images focused at different spots.This time I used my macro lens, not the Lensbaby and although it was taken a couple of days after the previous Coneflower, it was shot only an hour later in the evening. I don't remember if the light was similar or not but the raw files are much different in tone and brightness, with this one being much lighter and the colors are not as saturated.  Usually that is what I see with the different lenses used, or maybe the light was the reason this time.
Nikon D200, 60mm 2.8 macro lens with closeup filter
PP: Reduced exposure, increased blacks, fill light and recovery slider in ACR.  In CS3 I combined 3 images to get as much of the petals in focus as I could, Curves for brightness, Touch of Light on the center, sharpened with the highpass filter on softlight, Levels for more brightness


  1. This one is even better. I like the fact that the flower is not perfect. The pedals going in all sorts of directions adds a lot to the overall image. Again, good color combination. Nice job.

  2. I like this shot. It looks like you stopped your depth of field just on the top, back side of the flower. The OOF area almost looks like movement, but I think is a result of your stacking not going all the way back. Is that what you did; only want the first half to be in focus with your stacking?


  3. Yes, I did stop focusing when I got the stem and the center of the flower in focus. As much as I like blur :), I can see where the OOF petals in the background here may not be the best approach. Between handholding the camera while getting very low to the ground and combining the images without learning how to use a program for that, I was being a bit lazy.