Friday, September 11, 2009

Maggie Swims With Fishes

I really liked the way Maggie looked in this shot --- floating along underwater, or even almost prancing like a horse. It seems very ethereal and dreamlike, but I wish she had been turned a little more toward me....too bad it is so difficult to communicate with her underwater! At first I waited until the sun was shining directly in the pool but then I liked the murky, darker way the shots were when it went behind the clouds.
Sony Cybershot in underwater housing at f 5.6 and 1/250th, Program mode, ISO 100
Post processing: cloned out the tile and distractions, replaced a rear leg and her mouth without the torpedo from other images, ran TechyColor action by Kubota to brighten, combined reef image, added wavy texture layer, ran Blue Dawn Leonidas by Kubota at 20% opacity which made it even brighter and "icier", sharpened with the highpass filter in softlight mode.

1 comment:

  1. This one does not have the impact of yesterday's photo, but it is still good. How would it look if you lightened-up the water that looks like it is on the surface? Just a thought. Nice series of shots.