Saturday, September 12, 2009

Laughing Underwater Is Not Good For The Lungs

The first image shows the water reflections that happened when the sun was shining. After I decided to combine the shots of her diving with the ones from Cozumel I could not use any with all those highlights so was glad I had continued to shoot when the sun went behind the clouds. In the second image, after Maggie had such trouble getting all the way to the bottom for her toy I decided to hold it out in front of me at a more shallow depth and then I was totally surprised what she looked like from the toy's point of view! Her eyes are opened very wide and she has such a concerned, worried look on her face...I promise she loves the retrieving and begs to have her toy thrown in the pool! I thought about entering the second image Tuesday night but did not think the judges would have any idea what was going on. Without the backstory would you have?
Not much processing was done to these images, mainly a levels adjustment to brighten them and no sharpening other than what was applied in the camera to the jpgs.

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  1. These images are probably important because you like them and they remind you of traits of the Maggie. That reason is good enough. You can show them in 20 years and have a good time with the family.