Friday, September 18, 2009

Lensbaby Coneflower

Once again using the Lensbaby with a closeup filter.  I thought these flowers are Coneflowers but could not find any examples to confirm that.  I did not increase the saturation in this image, but it was taken in late evening in the shade and I have always found that my Lensbaby lenses produce much darker and richer images without changing any camera settings.  I can switch back and forth between other lenses and the Lensbaby and the difference is very notable even in the LCD.
Nikon D200, Lensbaby Composer with close up filter, +3 exposure compensation, ISO 160, cloudy whitebalance
PP:  Increased exposure, recovery, fill light and blacks slightly in ACR. In CS3 used a levels layer for global brightening, combined 2 more images to get the center of the flower in focus, used Touch of Light on the petals, sharpened with the highpass filter in softlight mode


  1. Good use of lensbaby. The colors combination is a definite hit. I like how simple the image is. Nice job.

  2. It's a Yellow Coneflower. Don't take this wrong, but I finally like one of your Lensbaby shots. It doesn't resemble your Vaseline shots prior to this.