Friday, September 25, 2009

Chasing After J

I recently had a great time chasing after this little 14 month old.  Again, I learned a few things that I will definitely keep in mind for the future --- find a way to contain little ones who are mobile (there is no way you can outlast their energy!) and don't even bother trying to shoot in direct light even if it is late evening light.  I had a feeling J would be moving around so got Mike to rig up my camera on a bracket with an SB28 flash and a DIY 'Fong' to add some light to even out the shadows.  While it worked well at first, I did not keep up with the changing light levels so need to work on the technical side of that.  Also, there were probably too many adults around for me to get a very good rapport built with him but I am not sure how to do anything about that.  Maybe have them move back for the first little bit and don't try to shoot, just interact with the child, maybe with a toy or something they enjoy.  He was a very happy little guy and such a cute toddler. I am planning on photographing him again soon, with some modifications in the backgrounds and the fill light.  I like this shot for his expression, the way he is holding his blanket/frog and I actually like the light streak.  But the background, not so much. 
Nikon D200, 50mm 1.8 lens on a bracket with flash and a modifier

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