Monday, January 23, 2012

Stella and Stetson Are Movie Stars


These two dogs were found running down a street near the now-completed Friendswood Animal Control facility back in November 2011.  They may be brother and sister, and they are both striking looking dogs and very well behaved and friendly.  They know some commands, Stetson is neutered, they have managed to stay sweet after many weeks in a kennel.  Two months have gone by and no one has been interested in adopting them.  We have all been very worried about their chances of ever finding homes. 
But things are looking up ----  our shelter manager Lisa Bragg is married to Tom who is an Air Force pilot and also owns his own small plane which he uses as part of Pilots N Paws rescue to relay animals who need to get from a shelter to either a rescue or an adopter in another part of the US.  Tom answered a Facebook request for Subaru owners who were also involved in Pilots N Paws and he and Lisa were chosen to be in a Subaru commercial!  It was filmed last week in Friendswood and in Galveston with a complete New York production team (makeup artists, wardrobe people, director, grips, camera men, USA network executive, catering, an RV, the whole she-bang), and Stella and Stetson were the dogs who played the part of being rescued.  The commercial will air during the Westminster Dog Show in Feb on the USA network.  The dogs were filmed at the new facility one day, and then another day for 12 hours in Galveston and it will be very interesting to see how much air time they actually end up with.  The exposure on Facebook has brought more attention to them and now there are some potential families interested.  The dogs may not stay together, and the families still have to pass home visits and background checks, but it looks like Stella and Stetson have a good chance at last of having real homes.  I love happy endings!


  1. OMG! This is my Stella! We adopted her May 11,2012. I had no idea she was a star!nwe love her so much! Just an amazing dog! Thank you Lisa and Tom Bragg for helping unite our family with Stella!

  2. AND...Mr. Stetsy (Stetson) has been rescued by our family10-2012 and his best friend lil blue got to tag along for a forever home too! We are so thankful for you project and so blessed to have him in our family :)