Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Precious Puppies

 This darling is Cassie, a Border Collie mix puppy. She is one of 37 animals waiting to be adopted from Friendswood Animal Control.  The new facility is beautiful and spacious, but not big enough for all of the animals that are coming in these days.  It is very hard to see such sweet young puppies like Cassie here in a shelter environment, waiting for a home.  Please spread the word if you know anyone who may be interested in adopting to check out Friendswood 281-996-3391.


Cassie came in with the other puppy pictured below with her, Tasha.  Tasha is pretty darn cute too, but a little too fast for my camera that day.  She was often blurry!
They are both available for adoption.  

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