Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Composite

Again, Photoshop allowed me to create a composite from three separate images of these Basenjis on their couch.  And again, I learned some things that I need to think about the next time I shoot something similar --- first of all, don't have the dog with the darkest fur the farthest from the main light source!  Second, shoot from the same position for the most accurate result --- I moved directly across from each section of the couch for each dog and that made each image have a slightly different angle...not horrible but it would have been better to stay in the middle and shoot left, center and right from that position.  Third, bring a lint roller --- I spent a lot of time in post processing cloning away dog hair.  Neither of the composites I did for this family were planned before the photo session, they were the result of not being able to get all the dogs together in the same shot.
The end product of this image was a 14 x 42 inch canvas gallery wrap (that is why the composite above has the colored frame, it was wrapped back around the sides) and it turned out great:

 I do think the canvas would look even better larger.  It will hang with several other canvas portraits of the individual dogs and other items in a collection on the wall.

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