Friday, June 10, 2011

Rescue Successes and New Faces

I am so happy to say that many animals I have photographed recently have found forever homes --- the kittens Angel, Sparkle, Sasha, Sage and Stanley, puppies Hoss, Princess Aurora, Chickpea, Sprout, and Simba.  Also  Minnie, Jilly, Jorja, Leo, Clementine, Rocky the cat, Snoopy the Dachshund --- whew!  And even the puppies Aladdin and Little Joe have potential homes in the works. But of course, we are in the busiest time of year for shelters so many more have come to take the place of those adopted.  Here are some darling ones from this week who are available through Tails-n-Transitions at 281-992-7500:
First up is an irresistible probably Labrador mix named Jasmine who was pretty hard to get in focus, but made me laugh the whole time:

Next are two Chihuahua siblings who are older but need new homes.  They were both brand new to the clinic so still pretty fearful, but very sweet:

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  1. As always, simply adorable! That white lab mix is too cute for words, and you did a fantastic job capturing the Chihuahuas.