Monday, June 6, 2011

Floppy Eared Cuteness

Meet Aladdin!  He is a new rescue for Tails n Transition, and he is very adorable!  He has brindle markings with some white splotches (just look at his white chin!), that precious puppy breath, and just all-around-cuteness.  He is in a foster home now but available for adoption right away --- call 281-992-7500 to put in an application.



  2. OoooOOOH!!! I keep coming back to this adorable face! I hope he found a forever home already cuz HE WANT ME BE HIM MOMMY!!!! =)

    Anyway, you are SO talented to be able to get these rambunctious babies to hold still long enough so you can capture their exact essence. I'm so proud!

  3. Ha ha, I laugh but I know exactly what you mean, my seester --- these darlings tug at my heartstrings too. But don't worry, Aladdin was adopted VERY quickly and he went to a family who has very recently adopted another puppy from Tails n Transitions who looks a lot like him...only don't tell them but Aladdin just may be even cuter than Simba. It makes me so happy to know they will be playing and growing up together, a happy ending "fur sure".
    Thank you so much for appreciating the animal images I take. When it helps them find forever homes, I could not be happier!