Saturday, June 18, 2011

Adorable Adoptables

 I was at Friendswood Animal Control twice this week and was very happy to see some empty kennels. That is unusual for the summer season, but part of the reason is that there are several animals in foster homes so even though they are available for adoption, they are not in the stressful environment of the shelter.  Being in a home even for short periods of time is such a relief for a cat or dog, and it also helps with socializing them to make their transition to a forever home easier. The darling Maltese mix below, Bonita, was pulled to be fostered as soon as her waiting time was up.  She still needs a permanent home though. 

 This handsome guy is Boscoe and we think he could be a mix of American or English Bulldog and Pit Bull, with maybe even a little Boxer mixed in.  He is a very sweet natured guy and he passed a temperament test with flying colors.  That means he allowed food to be taken away, his ears to be pulled, he was interested in but not aggressive toward both small and large dogs.  And he knows how to sit for treats.  He really enjoyed some time off leash in the grass and lots of cool water in the baby pool.
Tara has been at the shelter for several weeks but she was pretty shy for her first photo shoot and she has come out of her shell a lot since then so we decided to get some new images showing how much she loves being a lap cat.
 If she stills looks a little nervous it is because the area where I photograph the cats is immediately next to the door to the dog kennels, and sometimes the barking can get a little loud.  We are all looking forward to the new facility which is under construction and may open in October, but I think the cats are looking forward to a dog-free zone the most!

Toby is a gorgeous Tabby cat, who is another one who makes a great lap cat.

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