Monday, January 10, 2011

New Tool

 I have been thinking about getting something to help me correct white balance in my images for a while but wasn't sure what to get. When I remember to shoot a gray card I do, but it is large and doesn't fit in my camera bag so I don't always remember to take it.  I finally decided on the Color Checker Passport because I thought having neutral gray, several shades of white, and even some colors to use when correcting sounded pretty thorough and I like how small the case is and that I can hang it around my neck...Maybe I will remember to use it more.  I was glad to have it at my recent newborn session because two walls in her nursery are painted a saturated pink and that color was reflecting on the other two white walls and the white furniture.  There is also some software that goes with this device and I do not yet calibrate my monitor, but I could see a definite color change when using it in Camera Raw, and it seemed to clean up the color some but not all the way --- I had to use a Hue/Sat layer and/or a Color Balance layer to reduce the red even more in these images, mainly because the wood floor had a very orange cast that I knew was not true to real life.  It would be great to hear what other photographers use and if they think something else works well for them.
Also, I shot these images with my new 17 - 35mm  2.8 lens.  It worked well for getting a lot of the room in each shot but of course I had to do some perspective correction too....

 There is a cute family story about frogs and finding your prince or princess and it is the reason for this wall art.

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  1. Cindi, I use the color checker and find it to be great. In one shot, I get a profile for the light that I am shooting in. Easy, and almost fool proof. The software works with Lightroom perfectly.

    I really like these photos. They add context to you photos of the baby.