Thursday, January 13, 2011

At Camel Rock

Nikon D700, 24- 70mm lens at f22, 1/180th, ISO 1100

I am getting back around to editing some of my shots taken at the end of October in California.  This was from our trip up the coast to see my brother in Eureka.  Late in the afternoon he took us out to a private beach area called Camel Rock, where we had to hike down through large rocks like the ones above to get to the beach.  We were throwing the Frisbee for Shasta, my sister's dog, while I tried to get some action shots.  It was overcast but with a bright sky near the horizon from the setting sun, difficult conditions to get everything in the scene exposed correctly. I could not have used a ND filter because I was shooting action shots handheld and needed the shutter speed to stop Shasta's motion and also the huge rock was jutting up into the sky and would have been darkened further by the filter, even if I could have kept it lined up with the horizon.  I see in my metadata that the camera was set to center weighted metering mode and that was probably not the best choice for the lighting conditions.  I was able to add fill light in ACR but there is a lot of green fringing around the rocks.  I don't shoot enough landscapes to remember to check my settings more thoroughly...I guess Joe would have gotten out the SB900 and lit Shasta with a snoot... 


  1. Nice shot Cindy. I really like the composition which creates the illusion Shasta is floating in space.