Monday, October 11, 2010


Nikon D700, 60mm macro lens, natural light

This little girl was one week old on the day I was asked to photograph her.  But I would never have guessed she was so new, she acted like an older baby.  We wanted to try the naked, sleepy, curled up, womb-like shots but little A would have none of it!  Every time she dozed off and we tried to lay her down and position her she would wake up.  I tried photographing her awake and curled up, but that wasn't happenin' either --- she only wanted to be stretched out and kicking!  It has been too long since my son was a newborn and I had no tricks up my sleeve that worked, so sadly I only got a few of her that were even worth working on and this was one.

1 comment:

  1. You captured a very tender moment very well. Two things I would like to see: one, black and white, I think would add to the emotional impact of the image; and two, some vignetting (possibly a strong one) to help direct the viewers eyes to the two faces. Nice job getting a tender moment.