Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Friendswood Animal Advocates had an Adoption Event at Gulf Coast Equine and Pet on FM 2351 last Saturday.  I took pet portraits again, but this time it was outside.  The owner of Gulf Coast has been very supportive of my animal advocacy group and allowed us to use his Fall display as a backdrop and to bring some animals that are being fostered and are in need of adoption.  I met some great people, even some with 2 legs, and had a good time visiting and photographing.  This little girl came by with her great grandparents, without a pet actually but someone had this darling Pekinese puppy and let us borrow him.


This great Fall display is out in full sun in the pumpkin patch so we put up a white awning for shade.  However, the sun was still coming in around the tent top so I used a large brown muslin backdrop and clamped it behind the hay bales to block the sun coming in toward my camera.  I also had to block the sun from the right of the camera as it moved during the day and used my large white muslin backdrop.  My lighting was an SB 900 with an umbrella on camera left as fill, usually only at 1/16th or 1/8th power except when I had black dogs and then I think I went up to 1/4th power.   And all would have been well if I hadn't decided to use a 1/4th CTO gel on the flash...don't ask.  All I can say is, don't do what I did!  It took a few color balance and hue/sat desaturation layers to fix it, as best as I could.

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  1. Several really good photos here, but my favorite is the first one with the dog licking the little girls chin. It is a great moment shot--it is what little girls and dogs do when they get together. My only concern about the photos is that there is a lot to look at. Maybe a eliminating the flowers would help my mind concentrate on you subjects. Good work.