Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fiona Was Adopted!

FINALLY.  This sweet kitten has been at Friendswood Animal Control for weeks and I do not understand why.  She is darling, very calm and loving and sweet natured, and how can anyone resist that heart on her nose???  Dr. Pickle spayed her last week and finally someone came and rescued her. I shot an updated image of her yesterday since the original was 6 weeks old and she had grown a lot.   Her brother Felix was adopted not too long ago, but I was crushed to learn that Frank was just put down when the kennels were full since he had been there so long.   My dream is for Friendswood to have a no kill shelter --- it is entirely possible but there is a lot of work ahead to make it happen.  Dr. Pickle is helping us by spaying and neutering some of the animals and we are keeping tabs on if that seems to make them more adoptable, and if so if they are chosen soon after the surgery.   It is a great bargain since it does not cost the adopter anything and is required by state law so must be done after adoption if not before. Happy NEW HOME Fiona!

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