Thursday, May 27, 2010


Another favorite activity of Maggie's is riding in the car with the windows down, head out the window, observing the world.  I haven't met many dogs who don't love that.  This shot is of the side mirror and her reflection, taken in early 2007 with my first digital camera, the Nikon D70 and was shot as a jpg in Auto mode (gasp).  The sun flare texture is by Jerry Jones again, back when he was posting on Flicker as Skeletal Mess.


  1. Cool image. Love the framing and bookeh texture.

  2. I like the image for the same reasons Steve does. She doesn't have that happy look you see on most dogs with their ears flapping and jowls pushed back from the wind. She seems to be in a contemplative mood, almost like a human being would as they get older or just have other things on their mind.

  3. The sun texture definitely adds to the overall effect. Good environmental portrait.

  4. This is a wonderful image Cindi! Great composition and post-processing! Love the texture!