Monday, May 10, 2010


One of the surprising and wonderful things to me during this family photo shoot was how calm and cooperative the father was for the several hours that we were trying to organize and corral all the various family members.  He never got ruffled or acted like he wished he was somewhere, anywhere else.  He had to load the horses in a trailer and bring them a few blocks down the road to this field too.  He didn't seem to mind trying several different set ups.  I don't think there are many fathers or men in general like that....just my opinion, of course!  He has a wonderful bond with both of the boys and it was a delight to see. 


  1. I like the composition. It doesn't bother me that they are in the middle. The way you had him position the horses works for me.

    I would like to see the shadows opened up some. It may just be me, but it seems there is a slightly off WB, in particular on the horses neck. It looks green. It may just be a result of light bouncing off the grasses, but it's worth looking at. Nice job.

  2. Nice family shot. I agree with Doug, a little fill flash would of opened-up their faces. The blue in the boys shirts really pops against the green/yellow ground cover. Compositionally, I would like for the family to be bigger in the photo. If you places the horses at a 45 degree angle to the camera, you might be able to shoot a little tighter on the entire group.

    You did a really nice job photographing a very difficult subject--many people, some animals and outside.

  3. ALL men are "calm and cooperative"!!

    [Nice picture too. :)]