Friday, May 7, 2010



From a recent photo shoot. Tattoos applied by their mom. I was out of practice photographing children, and these brothers, aged 4 and 2, kept us moving and improvising.  I never got a family shot of the whole gang --- mom, dad, kids, 2 horses, 5 dogs, a donkey and a calf --- that I was completely happy with.  It is hard to believe I know, but someone always had their eyes closed, a hand in the way, head turned, squinting, etc.   But it was good practice, good exercise, and fun to be around those boys (and the rest of the animals too).


  1. I like how you captured their inquisitive nature looking into the stall. My favorite is him looking over his shoulder. Both are little boy looks, as well as children in general.

  2. Nice portraits. I hope you had a body guard to protect you from these two. The two year old seems to be a little more intense than his bother. Hope you got lots of good photos.