Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Time

This is a 35mm film shot of Maggie May from 2006 or 2007, probably either Ilford or Agfa film since that is what I shot most.  Our sweet dog has gone downhill very quickly over the last few months as far as her hip dysplasia, so we took her to a surgeon in Houston who specializes in that surgery and he confirmed what we knew, it is time for at least one hip replacement for her.  She is 11 years old now and still has a few years left if she has a normal Lab lifespan and we do not want the rest of her life to continue to be filled with pain.  I was very surprised to learn she will walk out of the hospital 2 days after surgery, no rehabilitation is needed, but she cannot swim for at least 4 weeks while the bone builds around the implants.  We want to give her a few more weeks to swim since she loves that and then she will get a new hip and hopefully much less pain.  After 4 weeks she will be evaluated and then may have the other hip done too.  It is very scary to think about what she has to go through and I can relate somewhat since I still remember shattering a wrist and having to get an external fixator...that painful time is seared into my memory.  Of course I wish she didn't have to have the surgery but then I am so glad it is available to help her.


  1. I almost expect Maggie to say: "May I help you?" Very stunning dog portrait. It has so many things going for it.

    I do feel for you and Maggie. Janice and I are going through a similar situation with our 18 year old dog.

    Hope all goes well.

  2. When a loved member of the family needs help, you always help. That's what families do.