Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Side of Rescue

I recently learned of another area of rescue that I had no idea existed ---- animals who are being boarded in kennels for years at a time.  These animals came to be left there in a few different ways such as they were originally boarded by their owners but never picked up, some were left tied to the fence at the boarding facility because whoever left them knew they would not be killed, and others were once part of a rescue organization but for one reason or another were deemed not appropriate anymore so that avenue to get adopted was lost.  They are "safe" in that they will not be killed, but they are living their life in a cage with occasional walks or time out of their cage and interaction with the kennel staff...which is not much of a life for a dog or a cat.  I was asked to photograph some animals in this situation at Fondren Five Star Kennels so that their photos can be used on flyers and posted on Facebook and Petfinder in the hope that they can finally find a forever home.  So please share this post with anyone you know who may be looking to adopt an animal, all of these are wonderful pets who deserve a home and not a life in a cage.  Contact Marlene at

Aztec and Inca






Iris Rose




Snow and Flake


  1. Beautiful portraits, Cindi; hope they all find homes soon.

  2. awhhh...their all sweet. I hope they find a good home soon. Great photos Cindi! You have learned so much.

  3. You are the best for helping these beautiful animals find a home!!

  4. Thank you for photographing these lovely animals and I hope they find wonderful homes soon.

  5. By the way, what city/state are these animals? You should add that info in the post. Or did I miss it?

  6. Update: Parker the Torti cat and Snow and Flake have been adopted! Max hopefully will have a new home the day after Christmas! Creedence had a home visit but it was discovered that he cannot live with cats and he was returned, so he must have a feline-free home. The others are still waiting.