Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Adoptions!

  These are some of the rescued animals I have photographed lately for Tails N Transition, a rescue group run by Dr. Susan Pickle and her daughter Ashlee, at Alvin Friendswood Vet Clinic.  Many of these adorable animals had medical issues --- heartworms, broken bones, injured eyes, etc and they were on the short list for euthanasia.  All 3 kittens came from a feral cat colony in Seabrook.  They have all found forever homes.

 I photograph in one of the exam rooms, or in the case of the aqua blue background shots, in the back laboratory area.  In the small exam rooms I use a flash on the camera with a Gary Fong diffuser, but in the seamless paper shots I use a speedlight in a shoot-through umbrella.  Since these were taken I have gotten 2 Alien Bee 800 flashes, a very large softbox and a large octabox but have not used them for shelter pets yet. I  am looking forward to more consistent light, and hopefully to not bothering the animals as much with the larger light source...though really, none of these guys seemed to mind.








Prince Harry

Tiger Lily

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  1. As always, sis, your photos make me wanna take every ONE of them home!!! It's obvious your talent makes a big difference in helping get all these cuties adopted. What an awesome thing!