Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Spice Sisters

Clove and Pumpkin
Clove and Pumpkin are my latest foster kittens, and they are extremely adorable!  Clove spends her day sitting on my lap when I am on the computer, just purring gently (it is such a sacrifice for me to make, but anything in the name of helping stray animals!).  Pumpkin has fallen for Mike and seems to think he is a big lollipop because she is always licking his hands.  Both girls have the softest fur --- petting Pumpkin is like touching air and Mike keeps calling her Fluffy (that is such a lame name!).  They are so playful too, and make us laugh out loud at their silly antics. And they are fine with my big dogs. They are both fully vetted and ready for a forever home, so contact Friendswood Animal Control at 281-996-3391 if you are interested in adopting one or both of them.  I think they would do alright separated if they are adopted soon but they are very bonded and I know they would be so happy to be together so that would be my hope.

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  1. Really like the photos because you can almost see their personalities. Good lighting, but better expressions on their face and I think that is ultimately what makes a portrait a real winner.