Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Shelter Update

This young cat was found by a family who wanted to keep him but had too many allergies, so  he ended up at Friendswood Animal Control.   When I photographed QT today he was so calm and sweet, he did not fear my camera and flash as so many do.  A little later while another cat was out in the cat room playing, he started playing with the volunteer through the bars of his cage so he is already adjusting.  Sweet, calm, friendly, playful and soooo gorgeous --- what more could you ask for?  

Nutter Butter is another very cute one available now.  He is a young Chihuahua mix who was so petrified when he was brought to the shelter last week that they could not get him out of the carrier he was in for quite a while.  Volunteers have patiently worked with him for several days and I was able to get him to come willingly with me for his photos.  He is still nervous and hates being in his kennel but is not aggressive or snappy at all, he just wants to be held and petted.  Call 281-996-9931 to adopt either of these extremely darling animals.

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