Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Darling Dog

Since becoming very involved over a year ago in animal advocacy and rescue, I am continually appalled at human behavior toward their "pets".  This sweet, precious Pit Bull, Leela, was living for at least 5 months in 6 foot tall weeds right by an apartment complex in Davis, California --- obviously dumped there or abandoned by a resident.  My sister heard that some residents were feeding her so over a 3 week period she was able to gain the dog's trust by visiting her every evening and bringing food and her dog Shasta to show Leela that she would not be hurt. There is not an aggressive bone in this dog's body and she does not deserve to be abandoned.  Now she is in a loving home, but it will take some time before Leela is no longer afraid. 

 Her markings are so beautiful, and that one ear is always up and testing the safety of the environment.

 Doesn't she look precious in her jacket?  Pit Bulls do not have a thick fur coat, it is more like skin and so they get very cold in the winter.

Leela can even do yoga poses! These last 2 shots on the couch were at the end of my visit and you can see that her expression is more relaxed and she is not quite as afraid of me as she was in the beginning.  She relaxed so much she fell asleep.

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