Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blue Too

Another shot from the jetty.  I could have stayed there for hours there was so much subject matter to shoot.  This lone seagull was perched on what my brother called "Jacks"  which are the concrete forms that pile against each other and prevent erosion --- they do resemble a child's jacks.  And from certain angles they looked very "Stonehenge-ish" in the fog and mist.
I cloned quite a few pelicans and cormorants out of the sky and water, they were not completely sharp and cluttered things up, though they were really interesting.


  1. Your star looks lonely. I think it is interesting that the bird occupies only a small portion of the image and yet my went immediately to the seagull which acts as a great anchor for the eye as you explore the rest of the image.

  2. I think the white of the bird creates enough contrast against the background that it stands out in the frame. That must account for what we are both seeing, as that is exactly where my eyes go too. Nice job Cindi.